Team 6 LVTS INSERM U1148

Thromboinflammation in Vascular Diseases and Cancers

Ho-Tin-Noé Group


Our  group belongs to the Team 6 of the Laboratory for Vascular Translation Science, Inserm U1148, located in Paris Bichat Hospital. We are affiliated to the University of Paris. Our stroke studies are conducted in tight collaboration with clinical neurology groups  from Lariboisière and Rothschild Foundation Hospitals.

Our research focuses on how platelet/leukocyte interactions contribute to the pathophysiology of vascular diseases and solid cancers.

In particular, we investigate:

  • the role of platelets and neutrophils in thrombosis and microvascular injury during ischemic stroke
  • the mechanisms underlying resistance to intravenous thrombolysis in stroke patients
  •  the participation of platelets in post-stroke cerebral remodeling
  • the participation of platelets in the development and regulation of the microvascular and immune environments of solid tumors

Our objective is to promote basic science discoveries and to combine them with clinical investigations, in order to favor the development of new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of stroke and cancers.

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